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so, time to update my blog, it's been a while again!

the biggest news for all my fans - after a short tryout with selling prints (which has been quite a success - my special thanks to everyone who placed an order) i've decided to make the whole thing official and long-lasting, and from now on you can order whatever you want from my gallery, at a (relatively) cheap price. more information can be found here, and of course if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

you can have these babies on your wall

i've also finished three collaborations, wish i could say they are fresh and new but they actually date back to the beginning of summer. one of them belongs to my dear friend and fellow artist Nanoo G. - she kindly offered to co-work again and i just couldn't say no. the result of our work together:

silence (c) Nanoo G.

two other collabs go even further back, to the shoot with nihil in june. on the first one i have been just modelling, while the second one was a completely new experience, since we did everything on it together, from the actual shooting til the editing. i used to think that im a terrible control freak. well, turns out i am not!

(c) nihil
(c) nihil + daria endresen

in the end of july i went to paris again, and among other things i visited the famous chartres (the local cathedral justifies all the rumours) and had a chance to meet with Nanoo and mr Eric Lacombe himself. after all our work done together and being a huge fan of his stuff i was very excited to finally meet him in person. we spent a lovely evening, and i hope there will be more to come.

mysterious woman + mysterious man

last but not least i recently came back from the trip to belgium. this time i discovered brussels and bruges from a totally different angle, tasted some exceptional beer (my top fav still being a chocolate one! yes, sue me), french fries, mussles and of course waffles.

the proof that chocolate beer exists and a place where you can find it

i also got to drool over Memling in his personal museum, situated in the old hospital which is quite a cool place by itself.


finally we spent two days in gent, with my dear friend Hans VR. originally we planned a huge shoot with Dena Massque but she couldn't make it, so after a row of other less well-known models who eagerly agreed to pose for us at first and then treacherously bailed out, we ended up with noone but ourselves. i occupied Hans's little lake, a dream-place for those who love water and ophelia-inspired stuff (e.g. me). i'm not sure if the result is worth showing in my portfolio but i post it together with the backstage shot here. another project of mine is still top secret - i am working on it as we speak and i hope it will be ready soon enough.

before the submerge (c) Hans VR
.. and after. taken by nihil / edited by me. bigger version here

special thanks to Hans for being an awesome host and a perfect assistant - we had a great time, and yes, we are already plotting to repeat the whole thing again *wink wink*

in other news, i have been featured on this blog (thank you, Andy!) and i'm expecting a feature on camerapixo magazine (i'll post a link as soon as the issue with me is out)

aaaaand, i finally got a job! so now the perspective of dying because of starvation on the streets of oslo has luckily disappeared. if you are ever in the norwegian capital, don't forget to drop in to the little supermarket joker at ankertorget and say hi :)

peter wrote on Saturday 17th of September 2011
Guro wrote on Tuesday 6th of September 2011
Oh!! I really love the pic when your in the water.. the blue one <3 Look like you had a great time over there! :) xxx G
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